Goodbye Manhattan Miscellaneous

Talking about writing an action book, James Bond and inventing games with Fabian Ellis

Richard Dekker a.k.a XJ6 is an agent in the “Xtreme Justice Agency” (XJA) and protagonist in the Xtreme Justice Adventures.

The Xtreme Justice Agency’s goal was to create agents that are physically fit, super intelligent and highly trained with all the attributes associated with an international spy.

In this podcast, you will learn about Fabien Ellis’ upcoming book, Goodbye Manhattan and the entire book series it is part of. You can learn more about this upcoming book here. Our guest is not only a book author but also an inventor. He has invented hundreds of physical and board games.

In this episode, we focus on his career as an author and inventor of hundreds of items. Then we dive deep in his upcoming book and the author compares it with James Bond in so many different ways. He also mentions how Richard Dekker or XJ6, the protagonist in Goodbye Manhattan, stands on his own in multiple ways

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